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Got to be a Full Moon.

Friday was a crazy day!!!  The first thing that happened was I over slept. I hate when that happens. Then at around lunch time I had to go to Walgreens for an emergency run… I go out to the rental car that I am in and the back tire is low. (The reason that I am in a rental is nothing special. My other car’s door panel was having electrical problems.)  I went to the gas station and very awkwardly filled up the tire… it was strange all my normal coordination was not there. You would think that I did not even know how to fill up a tire at all!

Anyways I get to the drug store and I am searching the isles for all the girly stuff. I looked all over the place. I saw the diapers and the Depends but where were they? I was there just staring down the aisles, reading the signs, and the whole time thinking someone really must be playing a joke on me.  I mean I have one of those great shopping abilities to find what I need very quickly. I also have the talent for know which corner the bathrooms are usually located… Getting carried away here…So finally after a few more minutes I asked a Lady that was shopping and she told me. They happened to be all the way down the last row across from the generic make-up. And I was thinking that was where the socks and things that people never buy were located. I mean, REALLY? I was actually looking forward to getting back to work, at least that will be normal.

Wrong! The computer system was not working and all the things that normal do not take any time took forever. It was already an hour after we closed and I was still not getting the computer to work …and then the internet was down so then I could not send the messages that I needed to so that the others would be aware of all the problems… I decided enough was enough and I would just go to work on Saturday. I went to leave and the tire was low again. Crap!

I called HN and told her that the car we planned on using for the night… the rental… was not going to be used. After calling the place I realized I was just going to go home and hope that I made it home and take care of it on Sat. HN came over and I finished getting ready. We were all going to an outdoor “End of the Summer” concert that, actually, Rex and his friends were going to meet us. So you know that I had to look good.

In case you are confused… I took my time with writing him back and he always sent me back nice emails… and our phone conversation was nice. I was curious to meet the guy again.

The rest of the night took a slow start. I was trying to figure out if we still wanted to go, because of all the rain. After several phone calls all over the place we decided that we were going rain or shine. All were informed and we headed that way… About the time that the show was started HN and I ran into a problem… after driving through a down pour with lighting and cars with their hazards on we had made it. Well almost, we were sitting at a light when all of a sudden a bunch of bikers came thru. It was humorous at first; the peddlers did not seem that into it. They were all dressed casually and had all different types of bikes. The light turned green but the bikers did not stop coming… The light turned red again and the bikers were still coming… this went on for three more cycles. There was no way to count how many people but there was a lot!

You know I forgot to tell you about one of the strangest things that happened that night. When I was heading home with the almost flat tire I received a message on my phone… My sister sends me picture messages all the time. So, yes while I was driving… (OK OK don’t judge me. I mean I only open my messages, read them, and then promptly put the phone away… besides I do not know if they even have laws about text reading in Texas- get off my back!) So I opened the message only to be attacked. Ahhhh it was a picture of a girl full frontal in not wearing any clothes…as in a blue jay…as in shaven… I did not ask to see that! I threw the phone across the car and started to laugh. I was laughing so hard that I thought I was going to have to pull over. Later when I opened the message again to see who it was from, I noticed that I did not know the number…so who knows who it could have been from. My sister thought that it might be one of those things that when you reply to it you would be sent a 1-800-number… (How funny would it be to have a number that was 1-800-n-u-m-b-e-r-s…I think that I am going to call it..hold on… That was a disappointment!… it was a place that sold 1-800 numbers. Nothing too exciting.)

Back to the story… we got to the place and could not find a place to park. So we decided to finally truly give up. Even though for me that meant that I might not get to meet Rex.. Who had called me twice, already. I called and it went to voice mail so I sent him a text saying that we were going to try another place. Well while BEFF went to the place. HN and I decided that we would get lost. Wait that’s not correct. I mean who actually wants to get lost. I must say poor HN really was a trooper. I would have been much more likely to give up; I think that since she knew how bad my day was, she was being nicer than she needed to be. So after BEFF calls and says that there is no parking at the 2nd place we decide to just go to Starbucks.

I thought about leaving another message for Rex, but at this point, I was afraid that we would never even make it to the third place. I don’t know why it had to be so difficult! We got there and I had actually given up on the idea that I would meet up with Rex, when he called. He told me about how there had been no reception and that he was sorry that he missed my call and messages. I then told him where we were, but it just seemed like the traffic and finding the place was going to be too difficult and then my phone dropped the call. So I thought “well that’s really it.”

But then about 15 minutes later… There he was. He actually made it to the place.  The conversation was good.  He was mainly only talking to me, but then when he would talk to my friends he would make sure and show me that he was trying to include me… It was sweet. So now at least I know that he can hang with my friends.

We talked about his world travel and he shared stories about some of his adventures there. He is also very well educated but was easy to relate too. So I think that we could easily be friends.

Today I was thinking that I might have an email from him or something, but I haven’t heard from him yet. Normally I would not worry, but he was on top of it before. Hmmm, just about the time I decide that I would really like to get to know someone better. We will see if it remains as easy!


Best Comment Award

 So if you are a dear friend of mine, and you happen to post comments, please don’t be offended when you are not the winner. Because I think that if you knew me, you would not have been able to say what this Gentlemen did about my most popular blog. So here goes: 

From I have the Magic to repel men in two sentences., 2008/11/12 at 12:37 PM

Since the other comments are only to placate your current mindset, which you don’t seem all that happy with, I feel a need to throw in a diff perspective.

You don’t sound crazy, you just sound lost and too willing to dream of change without affecting it. Rule #1 in ALL OF NATURE: The Female Chooses. Birds do it, bees do it, you do it. A female will send signals and males respond to that. No signal, no response. Few signals, few responses. Many signals… That’s where your magic lies. (Any good body language book could help, it you aren’t that confident using them.)

It’s sweet every bone in your body is reluctantly in love. But the shredded wheat side of me thinks you may have “One-itis.” All eggs in one basket doesn’t work too often. Good luck with whatever you do. However, it’s ENTIRELY POSSIBLE he isn’t aware of your feelings for him. Women are FAR more subtle and sensitive to social signals. Men, not so much. What feels like waving a huge flag for you, is a signal he might think, on a good day, is “maybe something”. If your solidly in friend territory, that will be quickly dismissed.

If you want to let him know, start spending more time with him, call for no great reason, invite him out to some happy hours. The increased, though light-hearted, time demand will alert him something’s up, but he’ll also be able to warm up to the idea instead of the smack in the head that a letter would be. Ah, young love. Good luck.

My first thought was “Wow, why could I have not had this comment months ago.” I then closed it and went about my day. But later while at a stop sign it came to me. “It’s all your fault, sorry Amy, but you know it is… It’s all your fault that you have trouble with dating.”  His comment on the Number 1 Rule. Why hadn’t I seen that. I always wonder why when I get dressed up and go out, that the response from the boys is less than when I just happen to go out unplanned.  It is totally my attitude. I am more relaxed and I guess send out better signals. I am not waiting for something to happen.

This might also be why I am not a good date.  I am like the worst date on the planet. But up until the date, I say the right things, I am relaxed and funny. Then once I get ready for an actual date I turn into this weird person who lost all her social skills. Did I mention uptight. Yes, I am also very uptight.

He had also said that I am a dreamer but not willing to change things. So true, but not just in my dating..umm life <cough> , It also effects my everyday life.

His comment about my eggs being in one basket- well, it made me mad!! But when I looked back, while I wasn’t counting on just guy, I was counting out all the others. I would like to believe that I can rock it and date multiple guys, but I should worry about my search more than finding “the one”.

Since this comment did come late some of his points were already pr oven. The Dude that I “smacked”  with the fact that I liked him, did say that there were times in which he thought there was weirdness, but since we were already friends he let it slide.  Side note to this: Since I told Dude, I have come to realize how wonderful it is to know that I have a friend that means so much to me and know that I mean alot to him. He had no other motives but to be a good friend. I just feel bad sometimes that I could not have done the same. But that comes from trust issues with friends from high school. blah, blah blah… BORING.

So thank you to my commentor. And to others, know that you can be honest with me and it will only make me stronger.