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Why I worry about myself sometimes… The ways I entertain my mind.

OK, now I am in chemistry. I have been here for about three hours. I already finished my homework from the last class. Yes, I am aware that homework should be, in fact, done at home and before the next class, but he does not take the homework up til lab.

Now… I can’t quit yawning and my neighbor is catching the yawn and sending it back my way. I might pass out from too much oxygen.

Now… I am pretending that my cell phone is a calculator, very elaborately I might add. I am sending a text message, but I am looking back and forth from my phone and paper like I would be doing if I were adding the chemical compound’s molecular formula. Little does the professor know that I am texting how bored I am, actually he might be wondering why I am texting my friends chemical compounds.

Now… I am drawing random circles and lines all over the margins of my paper. I don’t even care at this point if I look busy. Maybe I can take a nap- I knew this guy in high school that would sleep but was able to his hand moving so it looked like he was taking notes.

Oh yeah, about 30 minutes til lunch. Then I can go get something to eat, some caffeine and then print all the notes I should have been following all morning, I cant forget to print the labs for later.

What? There is a test next week. Darn, I should have been listening. That means that I am going to have to catch up this week. Double Darn.

Now… I have torn off one of the buttons on my phone. I wanted to see something and realized that I was basically tearing it up. Its strange that you can even think that you, yourself, are weird.

Now… I am thinking about my eyebrows. They haven’t looked this bad since 8th grade, when I started to pluck them. I can not find my tweezers and can’t afford to buy ones so that also rules out being able to afford getting them waxed. And of course I am too tired to clean my room to find them.

Now… my neighbor is taking his spirit bottle and pressing it into his eyeballs. Funny. Oops I laughed out loud, back to being weird.

Back from lunch, and lab. Yes, I forgot to print out the handouts. My lunch was not so great and I am trying to find a position to sit  so that my stomach will stop making old man noises.

Now… we are reviewing for the test, but all I can think about is, what would happen if  I stuck my pencil in the outlet by my desk.

Sparks! Ouch, room spinning, lights swelling and fading… Just Kidding you didn’t really think that I would electrocute myself. What did he say about concentration problems, is he talking about me?