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There is some crazy alien that is madly in love with me!

I really do not know what the deal is. I will make plans to have people over to my house. I will call and invite them over and they say that they would love to come over. And then I get excited… even though I know that I probably should not. I love to entertain. I like to cook and clean and get my house ready for company.

There is this crazy thing that happens from the end of the phone call to the day that the person is to arrive at my house. I am guessing that there is some crazy alien that is madly in love with me.  This alien would be jealous that he does not get to spend time with me. The reason for that is well, because I do not believe in aliens.alienAnyways, this alien, let’s call him Al, is a very jealous creature. He does not want anyone getting close to me. So once he hears that they are coming to my house, he somehow uses his powers to make them back out hours before they are to arrive. See he is tricky, he knows that if they cancelled earlier than I would make other plans.

Well Al, I am tired of it. You have done a wonderful job of making me run through friends like water. See after they cancel on me, I do not invite them to do anything. I let them invite me to something several times before I try again… and then if they cancel twice thats it, they are taken off my buddy list. I do have a number of friends that do most of the contacting, but I think to have a great relationship that it should be about equal give and take.

I would like to think that I am a person that has a lot of friends, but it might make more sense to say that I am a person that had a lot of friends. Is it just normal behavior for people to be so flakey! Well, I am tired of it. I am going to be doing some serious friend weeding, so to speak. And don’t worry if you are a close enough friend that I have told you about this blog than you are someone I want to continue to know.


Kickboxing for fatness, I mean fitness.

  Today was the first day of one of my college course. I only need three credits before I get my associates degree. Two of those will be Chemistry and the other is physical education. Because I was looking for a friday class at night I had two options camping and kickboxing. I love to camp but I need to get into shape, so I chose the kickboxing.

I went to class and I needed my day to get better…weird day, but I dont want to get into that right now. After a few minutes a looked around and noticed that I was out numbered in guys but under numbered in both pounds and age. Everyone in there was all athletic and pretty. At this point I was like great!!! just what I needed today.

  The teacher told us about the class and before I knew it, they were all talking about battles, ultimate fighting championship, and pulling out the mat. What!!!! I thought that this was going to be some sort of jump around kick in the air and work up a good sweat…but no, Gloves, Wraps, Hand breaking and Towels for the BLOOD was mentioned all in about two minutes. I had signed up for kickboxing, and not kickboxing for fitness (the aerobic kind).How do I get myself into these things. Why didn’t I sign up for smores! WHY?!

So, after we talked more about what we needed for class the teacher said “ok folks, let’s work up a little sweat.” Things were ok, and I was having some fun, until I got a side ache. That has never happened to me… I have vomited after doing some heavy workout but I didn’t like this. I was embarassed, am I going to be able to keep up? Did I mention that this was the first day and he was going easy on us. People I am scared.

Real scared, so I went home after he let us off early and went swimming. I have to get into shape. This class is not going to kill me. I have some pride. I will go and read up on my health thru the magazine that randomly showed up in my mail box! Yeah, thats right somehow the word has spread that I am fat all the way to where-ever they publish the thing. And I will watch what I eat…(I know what you are all thinking- that joke about, yea watch it as it goes into my mouth) I am serious this time.

Mainly because next week..dundun dunnn. Something to look forward to. HA!!