Well I have not heard from Rex… I asked my friends who were there if I acted wierd or anything. They told me that was not the case and I hope that they would tell me the truth. BEFF suggested that I make the next contact, but I do not think that I want too. First because he was doing the old fashioned thing and taking the lead, which I liked. And second, if he is not that crazy about me I would rather find that out now rather than later… 964681193a90c3eeAnd yes I know that it was not that long ago but with the previous pattern I would have thought that he would have called, emailed, or something… Hmmm



  1. skippingalong Said:

    Do you find yourself wanting to talk to him? Wanting to see him again? I know you liked him taking the lead but…if you want to see him, then make it happen! If not, then don’t. But if there is even the faintest desire to see him, talk to him, whatever…you owe it to yourself to give it a try =)

    • a0m0y7 Said:

      Every time that I do something like that, its end ups not working… I would rather find out now than later that he is not interested. It might be me playing it safe, but I would rather play it safe. I wish I could stop playing all together. I just don’t undertand how it could have changed so quickly for the guy!

      • skippingalong Said:

        Personally, I think he’s interested! He was making all the first moves. He may think that you aren’t feeling it…and if you are I think you should just contact him once more! But, if you don’t want to, completely up to you.

  2. a0m0y7 Said:

    So I sent an email about an event this Saturday… We’ll see. It was not too personal but if all he needed was a bone, he has got one.

    • ~AV~ Said:

      =) YAY!

      I am fairly good at dishing advice, I’ve found. Taking it? A whole different story…

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