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This is your last warning before going to Jail!

Last Monday, while on the phone with my mother, I reached the door to my condo and there was this note that had a sheriff’s star and handwritten at the top was “This is your last warning before going to Jail” hmmm. I told my Mom in a calm voice and she did the freaking out for me.

“What, why is it there? Amy, Amy, what does it say!!!”

So, I read it again and I flipped to the back. There was the date and a stamp from the officer.

“Amy… Did you do something?”

No, I didn’t really do anything.  I mean my tags are expired but nothing that they can arrest you for. Also some of my bills haven’t been on time with the current financial situation. Just something else that I have to take care of. It really doesn’t even surprise me, I have crap like this happen all the time.

“No, Mom. I haven’t done anything.”

“What if they come back, does it have your name on it.”

What?! I had forgotten all about looking for my name. Oh there is where it should be. They are really after that guys mail that I still get…after I have sent it back 20 times saying ‘return to sender: no one at this address’. Boy do I feel relieved.

“Oh, Mom its for a dude that used to live here.”

“Well, you call right away and get that taken care of. You don’t want them busting down your door.”

That’s where I get my imagination from. Then in the next breath my Mom is on to something else. You would not have know that less than a minute ago she was panicking!

So, if I go missing check for me at the local jail. They may think my name is Bob.