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And of course who did I call… Mom.

  “Mom, there are cars every where and I can’t get home. It’s crazy.”

“What in the world! what’s happening!”

“Well I was on my way home and it rained so hard tonight that the roads are flooded… Oh no! That car is going to try and make it… Opps, they did. Oh here comes another idiot… Slow down fool.”

“Are you in the water… Is your house ok. I would want to get home and check on my house.”

“I am sure my house is fine… It hasn’t flooded ever. Oh I think that I might have to park here and walk home. The traffic is not moving.”

“Are there people out!”

“Oh yeah, I mean it is Houston. I had to work tonight and it was raining really hard earlier. Anyways I got off and was heading down Side Rd when I noticied that there were cars parked in the medians and an abandoned car with the harzards on. Then there was a nice mercedes parked in the middle of the intersection. It was crazy. I thought that I should call and report it because it was blocking the street, but when I turned on Main Road there were tow trucks and flashing lights everywhere.”

“Amy, what in the world!”

“It was so strange cars were parked in the parking lots all crazy and there were people just standing in the road. Well I think that since all the 20 cars went through than I can make it… So I better let you go.”

“Oh no, just put me down and let me hear you go through the water.”

“What.. no. Oh Okay.”

…. “well what are you doing…talk to me while you do it.”

“The whole point of me getting off the phone was to not be disstracted.  Oh, I am through, that was not bad. The water has drained off alot. Still there are people all over the place. Well, I am home do you want to stay on the phone while I go out to the road and see  whats going on?”

“Of course, just ask someone what’s going on.”

“Umm, mom its raining.  Ha ha didn’t I mention that. Well there are some people out here. Let me see whats going on.”

“Call me back!!!”


“Oh Mom, so I thought that the excitment was done for the night, when I let you go I saw a tow truck get stuck and I talked to some people who have been in our parking lot since 10.30.”

“What were they doing being out at 10.30 at night!”

“Mom, this is a big city they don’t pull up the sidewalk at night, besides if they did then there would have been a place for all the water to go.”

“True, ha”

“Well, then when I went in I said something to my neighbor’s friend… actually I thought that my neighbor was out there. I said ‘I thought that you would be out there checking out the happenings.’ Then he was like ‘who is you.’ and gets up. Then he starts to tell me, how earlier that night he was stuck on other main road and had to get out and walk … and he already had been in a fight with a black guy.

My comment was,  ‘well then I guess you have already been in the chaos.” as I am trying to make my exit from the conversation. He then tells me all about his new truck and how the water came in when he opened the door, then this ‘black guy’ comes at him and wants to fight. So he starts fighting him and then puts him in the water. “I was drowning the dude, when I picked him up and threw him on the side and said ‘Come at me again you MF and I will drown your Ass!’ And now I am waiting on Baby Girl, well that’s what I call her… She is stuck in traffic.”

-“oh ok, well I am going in, have a better night”

What? Say it again! What did he tell the guy?… You’ll see on the news how someone drown and then you’ll feel bad.. Ha Ha that’s hilarous.. I will drown your ass!!

“You would have had so much fun tonight, I was so tired on the way home and now I am all wound up. Did I wake you earlier?”

“No, I was up, Lily is here, she came to spend the weekend with us. She named Robert’s goat. The goat is already smarter than the dog.”

“I told you all, that you needed a goat. You already have all the other types of animals at the house. Well we better get to sleep. Talk to you soon, Love you Mom.”

“Love you too, Thanks for calling!”