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There is some crazy alien that is madly in love with me!

I really do not know what the deal is. I will make plans to have people over to my house. I will call and invite them over and they say that they would love to come over. And then I get excited… even though I know that I probably should not. I love to entertain. I like to cook and clean and get my house ready for company.

There is this crazy thing that happens from the end of the phone call to the day that the person is to arrive at my house. I am guessing that there is some crazy alien that is madly in love with me.  This alien would be jealous that he does not get to spend time with me. The reason for that is well, because I do not believe in aliens.alienAnyways, this alien, let’s call him Al, is a very jealous creature. He does not want anyone getting close to me. So once he hears that they are coming to my house, he somehow uses his powers to make them back out hours before they are to arrive. See he is tricky, he knows that if they cancelled earlier than I would make other plans.

Well Al, I am tired of it. You have done a wonderful job of making me run through friends like water. See after they cancel on me, I do not invite them to do anything. I let them invite me to something several times before I try again… and then if they cancel twice thats it, they are taken off my buddy list. I do have a number of friends that do most of the contacting, but I think to have a great relationship that it should be about equal give and take.

I would like to think that I am a person that has a lot of friends, but it might make more sense to say that I am a person that had a lot of friends. Is it just normal behavior for people to be so flakey! Well, I am tired of it. I am going to be doing some serious friend weeding, so to speak. And don’t worry if you are a close enough friend that I have told you about this blog than you are someone I want to continue to know.


I want a cookie

I guess that could be code for, “Oh I feel bad, I want a cookie.” But today all it means is that I want a cookie. And not just any old choc chip. I want the kind with the icing in the middle. And not just any icing but the really crunchy thick kind. Yummm. You know the ones like they have at the mall.

But I will not get one today, no. Because I want a cookie so bad, I will go jogging this afternoon. Then I can jog out the angry that I have on the fact that I can not have a cookie!


Road Trip!

Last Sunday I got a text from Matthew, asking if I wanted to go on a road trip to Tn, since it was a holiday. I thought well there is no other way that I will get to go home anytime soon unless I went. I worked it out with work and they said go for it! So on Friday at 4am we left. The trip was easy. I also had to learn how to drive a manual transmission … I had driven some people home from late night events when I was the only one who could drive… but I had never driven far. Going from 5 miles down the road to 850 was a stretch.  But I think that I did a really great job. At least I know that I am good in 5th gear!!!

We made it and I got to spend the night with Belle. Her husband was out of town. So we were really able to talk. It made me realize how much I not only miss her, but miss being there for her.  Do you ever have a friend in which you think that others really don’t appreciate the person? The wonderful person they have in front of them? By the end of the night my heart was hurting for her. I wish I could have made it all go away.

So I got to sleep in on Saturday (Thank goodness!) and then my sister came to pick me up to bring me in for the surprise.  I had only told my brother and sister that I was in town. No one else knew. We got to the family cabin and it really was a fun surprise.

My grandfathers 88th birthday was the Monday before and I had called him to say Happy Birthday and he had even asked when I was coming in to see them… Yup, I had lied to my 88 year old grandpa and on his birthday!  But he was thrilled. My mom even had tears.

The family get together was great! I got to eat some yummies, laugh with distant cousins and ride a mini-trail… for those of you who do not know what that is… Well it’s a tiny motorcycle. miniI had tried to ride it years, and years ago and it out ran me… My brother had given me such a hard time about it that I did not try again. But then this weekend I was looking at it, and thought why not! I was afraid that I would get hurt, because let’s face it I always do. But no, it was easy and fun and the whole time I am riding I am thinking “WEEEEEEE!” and then “Why did you wait so long!!!” “Weeee” and then “oh noo.. Umm where are the brakes!!” It was ok because I was on the road all by myself and I just let it take longer to stop… ( no one had to see the embarrassing moment) Later I found out that the brakes were not in the best shape. My sister yelled at me, asking why I had not told her as she drove into the field. How was I supposed to know, it was the first time that I had ridden the thing?!

I really did enjoy my trip. It only made the fact that I am so far away from the family even more obvious. I am ready to move closer. Now all I need to do is get my act together and find a job. But speaking of jobs I need to get back to the one I do have!


Well I have not heard from Rex… I asked my friends who were there if I acted wierd or anything. They told me that was not the case and I hope that they would tell me the truth. BEFF suggested that I make the next contact, but I do not think that I want too. First because he was doing the old fashioned thing and taking the lead, which I liked. And second, if he is not that crazy about me I would rather find that out now rather than later… 964681193a90c3eeAnd yes I know that it was not that long ago but with the previous pattern I would have thought that he would have called, emailed, or something… Hmmm