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So I am driving…

So I am driving the “new to me” car and I realize that after all the work I did… meaning all the nights I searched and searched online. all the dealerships that I went to over and over. plus all the test drives. and looking and debating… that now all that time does not feel wasted. In fact I think that I could have spent more time, but I am happy with my decision. And it was the first time, in a long time, that I applied continually pressure on myself to get something done the right way. Which helped with my thinking about what my future holds. Once I decide to do something about it, it gets done. Hmmm, what’s next.

Plus it took some of the mental pressure that I put on myself to get it done yesterday. I always feel that I am catching up and corrected the things I should have done in the first place. I am working on this whole slowing down process, and thats slow work.


In comes fall, in comes the crushes…

I love this weather. I love walking outside and feel that ping in the air. I love how people seem to smile more. And I think that I tend to have more crushes in the fall. Its the same time of the year in which I decide that I should try and go out on a couple of dates before the year changes.

I do have a two tiny crushes at the moment. One is with the guy who is selling me a car… But at this point in the very frustrating car hunt I kind of worry about myself. I can’t even focus on important things without my mind going to the “hmm, he is kind of cute.” Come to think of it I had a crush on the guy that was fixing my car just the other month. Anyways, this guy actually invitied me to come and watch a band play. Its the owner of the dealership’s band and they were having a private party. So it could have been just one of those I would really like to sell you a car sort of things. I did not go, but kind of wished that I had.

The other will not happen. He is on his way to be divorced, but there is NO WAY that I will get caught in the middle of that. There are way too many guys out there for that… But a group of us went out for lunch and I just got that attraction vibe. But I do not know the man, or the situation that he is coming from. 

Well thats about all the news there is… Actually I am sure there has been a lot more that has gone on, but at the moment I do not really feel like writing about it. All I wanted to do was write about my crushes so that I could have a little more fun with it.