Didn’t I see you in Yellowstone?

Today I got reminded of how far my family has come from the days when we lived in Mississippi. When I was in the second grade, my family moved to the big city. Actually it was just Nashville, Tn but to us it was the big city. As we made our tour around we came to a stoplight. A gentleman lacking a home and one leg was on the corner. He leaned towards the car and asks  “Didn’t I see you in Yellowstone?”03-14-07-homeless_no_leg At the same moment all of the passengers in the Jeep Wagoneer frick out. We all locked our doors and started to push the window up buttons. The windows were down so we could hear all the music floating in from the surrounding attractions.

Now, this very old car couldn’t keep up with the demand and all the windows were taking turns inching up.

My mother then crys out, “Kids stop it, I am trying to get my window up!” Even at that young of age I thought. Shouldn’t the mother be more worried about her kids. Well, the windows are still jerking and our faces all have pure terror written all over them. The man who was leaning towards the car is now scared of us and hurries as fast as his one leg can take him back to safety, while his, also homeless, friend starts to laugh.

So when the red light turns green my Dad tears out, being the Hero that he always is. But then we get stopped at the next light, which is all of 20 yards away. After the smoke clears from the tires and the windows have made it all the way up there was a moment of silence. Then my brother’s small voice breaks the heavy silence “What is Yellowstone?”

My Dad, “A Park”

“Have we ever been there?”





  1. Elizabeth Said:

    When I was three, my family went on a trip to Denver. My dad pulled up to a lady to ask directions… and I promptly announce, “SHE’S GOT BLUE HAIR!!!!!” My father left a similar trail of smoke in his wake. I’m all, “What? She did!”

    Your post made me giggle.

  2. Andrea Said:

    I am impressed at your picture that accompanies this blog.

  3. growing up a stone’s throw from detroit, you wouldn’t think that my family was like that, but we were. i understand completely.

    i kinda shook it when i started walking around downtown taking pics for photo classes though…. 🙂

    ps – see my latest post for a prize!

  4. […] not have many stories about  a person missing body parts and while the first story was about a bum, this one is also about a person who I did not know.  I have to tell quite a bit of back story […]

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