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Becoming Disenchanted

Have you ever watched someone become disenchanted with you. It sinks. We all know that we can not be perfect but I am afraid that I take this role to seriously. Oh, I don’t want to be perfect for myself, I want to be the best friend that I can be. I want to be able to provide the right support and not disappoint people.

I enjoy when you meet someone and right off the bat you think, “This person is awesome!” You have so much fun with the person. Usually for me when I make a connection with someone its feels that have known them for a long time. It can also be one of those meetings where the new person needs you as much as you need them.

But I had the experience of having someone realize that I am not perfect. While I know that this person did not expect me to be perfect I just saw how they had an “oh, OK so that is what she is bad at..” And also in the same week I had someone disappoint me. Of course that person was not perfect and I knew that, but they crossed a friend line and shared some information that was personal. While it was not a big deal, I just made a mental note not to share with them personal things again. There are few people that I know that I tell things too. I know what you are thinking, “umm, does she realize that she is blogging all that ‘personal’ information for the world to read!” and my response to you is “Yes, and that is why very few of my friends know that I blog.”

Oh a side note that has nothing to do with the above. I might trade in my wonderful car, that I have fallen in love with, today and get another that is not so wonderful but not really that bad either… Plus the guy that does the fiance in the office is the cutest thing that I have seen in awhile. These are the times in which I wish I knew a cool way of asking a guy out. Just know that I look good today because after my second job I am heading over there to talk the people down on the new car.¬†They already don’t know what to think about me because I am trading in a car that is worth more than the one that I am buying. Too bad I am upside down in that car loan… augh Money! At least I get to flirt today.

*** did you know that even wordpress’s spell check does not recognize the word blog. Strange…