And at this angle…

Have you ever had one of those mornings that you feel great and happy. Then it hits you, wham… bam… ah ha… you remember that you are fat! It could be as simple as a picture that was taken from a bad angle or several pictures taken from all different angles and from several different events and several different places, and from several people’s cameras. Then you start to re-look at the pictures that you used to love.

“Oh in this one, it looks like my left eye is way bigger than my right… Great I am fat and have misshapen eyes. And what is that! I actually liked this picture.”

Those are the times in which I want to return home and work on my inner beauty! Ha, actually I just want to go to sleep and pretend that I never saw them.

While I am on the whole picture thing… let me say that if there is a picture of me with my friends, and any of them do not look better than they actually do in real life, I will not parade that picture around for everyone to see and comment on how lovely “I” look that day. So friends of mine if it is a great picture of you PLEASE CROP ME OUT! Thank you.

And don’t get me started on pictures of you that you hate and then someone with good intentions says “It’s not bad!” Well that makes me feel better. You just confirmed it. My mirror at home is rigged, because I have never looked so horrible in all my life… or so I thought… and now you are telling me that is what I actually look like.

Phew, I feel better!

Oh just one more… Once I had taken some pictures of myself after a day of playing with my make-up, mainly eye shadow, and when my sister saw my lovely model shots… “That looks nothing like you!” Thanks Sis, love you too!


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