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The Best Christmas Gift I could ask for…

I just got home from a long day, but it was a nice one. I went to two of my jobs and then back to the church to wrap gifts for a family that the church adopted. I was asked to help a couple of weeks ago and I have to tell you. I did not have any extra time then to help, but of course I got pulled in. The Friday before my final exam and the day that we were to set up for the family, I had a little bit of a stress over load. Too much was happening all together.

I was not doing well in my Chemistry class. I used to do well in school and I had no really good excuse about not studying more. ( I know most people would say, ” umm, you  work three jobs”, but I could have studied more, watched no TV, and put off the mindless book.) I had not had enough money to pay for the chemistry book and I had all the homework to catch up on. Trying to squeeze a semester of studying and work into two nights, not smart. I can’t believe that I passed the class at all.

Then I had to go to the church after the test… What I thought would be a lot of work took very little time in comparison. Plus I had lots of help from the True Angels, the ones who came up with the idea and HN. I think that she felt sorry for me because she heard the break down on the phone. I was composed until she asked, “Are you sure that you are ok?”

There was also a party for the kids that I teach on Sunday. We call it a club, and the kids are in the forth and fifth grade.  They are a blast and have tons of energy, let me repeat they have tons of energy. I was in charge of the games and at the time I could not think of anything. Looking back I should not have worried about that. We did a bunch of relay races and they got so into it. The high pitch squeals were a good measure of  the excitement. (And when I got caught, with the kids, putting cotton balls up our noses, I was a little embarrassed, but only a little.),

Ok, so back to the point of the blog… today I was able to help wrap the gifts that my church had collected for a family of 9. They were displaced by the Hurricane and they need help to pay for food, rent, and gas. There was not just a toy for each, but several and they each got at least one pair of shoes, socks, jeans, shirts, and hats. And oh the food… well, we collected so much food that it filled a large room. Because we had so much extra food we were able to adopt another family and then donate to an organization that helps those in need of food. I was so very impressed with what my friends and Christian family had gathered and given.

The only thing that I am sad about is that tomorrow when they give the family their belongs I have to be at work. I just hope that they take some pictures. I hope that this family knows how much others care… Actually I know that they will not be able to not know. And selfishly I wanted to see the joy.

So as I go to bed I am filled with the Christmas Spirit and I am very grateful that I will get to see my family in two days.

Merry Christmas to all and to all a Good Night!