Umm, Where are your stud finders?

A couple of weeks ago my parents decided that they were going to come see me. I was so excited that I cried. I couldn’t wait for them to come and see me. There was only one little problem. I had this brilliant idea that if I cleaned out all my closets than my life would magically fall into place. Well I was at the stage where the closets were looking better but the thirty piles of stuff that lined the walls was getting out of control.

So I waited, because my best organizing is done in the am… and this am happened to be the last am before they would arrive. The project was completed at 4am. Of course I had help from HN, who was a trooper and helped a lot. She always jokes that I am redoing my closets all the time, and I am… but my thinking is if they were organized well in the first place than they would not get so out of shape so fast.

Anyways the family came and went, but the organization stayed. I was so proud. Every closet was in order and I now had a craft closet. How exciting… I hope that comes in handy when I get back to making my ornaments. Back to the fact that I was proud, that is until last Monday.

Imagine me at 2.30 am. Yes I was asleep. When there was a crash. You know most people asked if I woke up scared that someone was breaking down the door. No I was angry and ready to fight. I must have been tired.  I looked around a little upstairs but before I could truly wake up I looked in the main closet, and sure enough the shelf that holds all the clothes and other now tidy things was on the ground. I did not even look at it, I just closed the door and went to back to sleep. I would deal with it later.

Well later came today. I have put it off long enough I thought. So I took a trip to Lowes to pick up some spackle and hardware. While there I realized that not only did I stick out because I was dressed up from work, and had on a skirt, but also because I had grabbed a reusable bag out of my car, one that I use instead of getting a plastic bag that I would promptly take home and put in another plastic trash bag, and it happened to be bright pink with two little birds on it, needless to say a tiny bit girly.

So as my shopping trip came to a close I was having trouble locating what I was looking for because they had rearranged a section in the tools, but you can guarantee that I was not going to ask “Umm, where are your stud finders?”.

borrowed for the storyWell I found it and came home and now they are sitting in that cute bag of mine on the floor untouched… Maybe tomorrow I will get the items upstairs! What is wrong with me?


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