My So Called Dating Life

I do not think that I am cut out for this. I read somewhere the other day that “Everyone has the dating life that they want.” I was thinking about that statement and it immediately made me want to shake my head and pout like a three year old.

Na huh! If that was the case then I would have this fabulous dating life. Dating and befriending guys of all types.

I mean I am a very social person now, but I have few guy friends. I blame this on the fact that until recently I worked with all women… and to give myself some credit I do have some more now that I made some from classes.

So I got to thinking about it and I think that that phrase is right. I meet gentlemen all the time, but I rarely come across a guy I would like to date. And I would say that I have been lucky enough to not date the ones that I thought that I wanted to. They were usually all wrong and I do not think that they would appreciate me. I would have ended up hurt and then not able to make clear choices in the future.

The fact that I am saying that I am glad that I have the dating life that I have is a huge deal!

The reason that I think this is because in my previous blog I wrote about the Dinosaur Dance, where at the end of it I was asked by a polite guy for my email. I gave it to him, oh fun I guess that I will give him a blog name of Rex, just because I like giving people a blog name, not because I really want to be secretive Anyways Rex sent me a nice hello and I wrote back. Well a couple of hours later he wrote back… and this just got me to thinking.

I don’t think that I want to do THIS. This as defined as :          Well, there is no easy way to define this small thing that I am giving way too much thought too. I gave him my email but I was not excited about it, but then I thought it was nice that he did write. Guys tend to start something and not follow through. Then I made up my mind that since this was no big deal… I mean I usually do not find any harm in sending a couple of emails.  It’s not like there are true feelings involved.  For all I know he was being nice… I would just write him a while and see what happens.

I am worried that somehow I will hurt someone… I am worried that I will go out with him and not like him and then be pulled into this strange world of wonder ifs, even more… I am worried that if I decide that I just don’t want to talk to the guy that my friends will be disappointed and it will make me feel worse… I am worried that I am being too picky for no good reason…  I am worried that I am becoming bitter.

So I think that I am going to put off talking to him until I know a little more of what I want. I don’t want to jump to any kind of conclusions about anything… plus I need to focus on the other things going on. Like the small task of planning the rest of my life. HA


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