Spending Time with the Fam

I have been with my family this week and it has been kind of strange. I feel like I have been reviewing myself all week. I think about what my family must think about me, living so far away. They all saw how much they miss me, and ask when I am going to move back, but I can’t answer them. I do not know myself.

I want to move back and be with my family until I start to think about who I was. I do not want to be that person…. There are times, actually now, that I want to change things about myself. I think its about time. I know it is time.

My Birthday is coming up, and it always causes me to think about what I have accomplished in the last year. Usually I think about what I could have done more, but in this next year I want to start giving myself credit. Whatever that means.

Well I better go to bed, because the whole crew will be up shortly. I really do miss my alone time.  You never know how crazy you really are until you are surrounded by people who shaped you. You get to see where your own flaws come from- Your Parents!


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