Oh my, no time to catch a Breath!!!

So I have not been in the internet world in a while. Since my last post I have been trying to get used to having three jobs and going to school. The day after I had “my would have cried if it wasn’t so sad moment”, a place called and offered me a job and then the next day I had my schedule worked out and I now have three!!

As one of my friends said, “That is truely in Amy fashion.”

I would play on the internet when I got home but my neighbor’s internet, (the ones who are really nice and let me piggyback), is down. I really wish they would fix that! Well I have to go, I am off of one job and headed to the next and today I packed a salad for lunch so I can not eat that in the car. I have some blogs that I will try and post really soon.

Miss you all.


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