I have to face it, it’s called, my bank account

So I have not spent any money but for gas money the last two weeks. I have been eating at our people’s houses or from the left overs from the dinners my mom bought for me over the weekend. But the time has come, I have to check my bank account and come to grips with the real world.

Although, today I talked to several people about becoming employed. They were all great chances and I think that I will like the work more than they pay, but at least I will be working.  I might have 4 jobs but I will be happy.

I am filled with dread. I know that tonight I will cry. Why did I decide that over a year ago I couldn’t cut it at work any longer? Well i really do the answer to that, but there is not enough space on this page to fill with the list of things that I have forgotten.

But the deal is I have to push on. I have to pick up and work hard so I can say that I do not regret leaving the steady income, the bonuses, the free trips, and the overwhelming stress. Nothing really funny tonight… That will have to wait.



  1. E.Liz Said:

    It really is amazing how much anxiety can come from the simple act of checking your bank account. Even when I know I have money, it still causes a panic attack. I find myself whispering, “Please, just let it be [enter amount here]!!” Sometimes I am surprised. Sometimes… not. [hugs]

    Good Luck!!

  2. Keep your head up girl! I hope that the jobs come through for you. Good luck!

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