Kickboxing for fatness, I mean fitness.

  Today was the first day of one of my college course. I only need three credits before I get my associates degree. Two of those will be Chemistry and the other is physical education. Because I was looking for a friday class at night I had two options camping and kickboxing. I love to camp but I need to get into shape, so I chose the kickboxing.

I went to class and I needed my day to get better…weird day, but I dont want to get into that right now. After a few minutes a looked around and noticed that I was out numbered in guys but under numbered in both pounds and age. Everyone in there was all athletic and pretty. At this point I was like great!!! just what I needed today.

  The teacher told us about the class and before I knew it, they were all talking about battles, ultimate fighting championship, and pulling out the mat. What!!!! I thought that this was going to be some sort of jump around kick in the air and work up a good sweat…but no, Gloves, Wraps, Hand breaking and Towels for the BLOOD was mentioned all in about two minutes. I had signed up for kickboxing, and not kickboxing for fitness (the aerobic kind).How do I get myself into these things. Why didn’t I sign up for smores! WHY?!

So, after we talked more about what we needed for class the teacher said “ok folks, let’s work up a little sweat.” Things were ok, and I was having some fun, until I got a side ache. That has never happened to me… I have vomited after doing some heavy workout but I didn’t like this. I was embarassed, am I going to be able to keep up? Did I mention that this was the first day and he was going easy on us. People I am scared.

Real scared, so I went home after he let us off early and went swimming. I have to get into shape. This class is not going to kill me. I have some pride. I will go and read up on my health thru the magazine that randomly showed up in my mail box! Yeah, thats right somehow the word has spread that I am fat all the way to where-ever they publish the thing. And I will watch what I eat…(I know what you are all thinking- that joke about, yea watch it as it goes into my mouth) I am serious this time.

Mainly because next week..dundun dunnn. Something to look forward to. HA!!



  1. fancylori Said:

    I just wet my pants. You are so flipping funny.

  2. butterflyliz32 Said:

    Yes… in college I signed up for “Weight Training” as a PE elective… thinking it would be wandering around the gym using the equipment – Only to realize that it was a weight lifting class. Like with actual weights. Oh HELL no. I went from the first class straight to the office of changing classes and changed over into an aerobic walking class. Because that’s how I roll….

    Good luck!!

  3. fancylori Said:

    I wanted to come back and tell you I thought the title of this blog was really funny, but now I’d also like to say that I think Elizabeth’s comment is really funny.

    Oh, laughing is fun.

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