What would you do?

Ok, so yesterday I was getting a massage. This massage was like any other, but one thing was different… The lady that was giving me the massage was old. As I lay on the table face down in my undies, with the lights dim, the lovely seagulls singing softly in the background, I had a thought that went thru my head. The thought was “What if this women, who is old, has a heart attack? What would you do?”

Would I jump up and help? call out for help? I am one to jump into action and I always try to help where I can…but, I began to think of, the fear of people rushing in while I am naked…I mean truely would I get dressed before I called out for people to help…But the terror of some stranger seeing me in the nude. Would I stay face down on the table while covered in the sheet to keep me modest, while clothed others rushed to help???

All those thoughts came quickly, which I found great humor in. And then the next thought I had was “You sooo should write your own TV show!”


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  1. fancylori Said:

    OMG. You crack me up. I mean, seriously hilarious. “What if this woman, who is old, has a heart attack?” Bahahaha.

    Thank you, Magic Bracelet.

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