I think I should….


Conversation with myself as to why or why I should not create a blog.

Hey Amy I was thinking you should create a blog!!

Me: Oh, really you think. I mean I know that I tried to write a few things in Myspace but I protected the account so only my friends read those and you know what kind of people they are.

What? Your friends, I thought you liked those people?

Me: Exactly, and I would like to keep it that way. I mean who am I going to write about…

Ummm, yourself. I have never known you to have a lack of words. I mean sometimes I just wish that you would Shut..

Me: Be nice! Well, ok I think that I would like to blog and I think that sometimes I do have something to say and people tend to think that I am funny. They do love my stories. Not so much my jokes but they do love my stories. Like the ones about my Mom.

Ha ha, yeah she is comedy gold… You should also tell the one about your trip to LA and the handicap rails…

Me: Wait don’t spoil it, I will, I will… Ok I am excited now. I just have to make sure that no one I know reads the blogs. I will have to create a secret internet life. I like that. Secret Lives are always exciting.

Well, pretend secret lives are, I mean if they are not you have no one to blame but yourself…

Me: See this is why I don’t blog!!

Baby Steps, please just take your time. Enjoy yourself and if you don’t place your secret life into that closet downstairs that you only open when you can’t think of anywhere else that the lost item might be. Oh and Christmas time. By the way do you think that croutons are the best snack.

Me: No, but the strawberries were dirty and I forgot to put the croutons on my salad yesterday and … Ok I’ll put them up. Tomorrow I will blog.




  1. fancylori Said:

    The part about croutons is STILL my favorite. So, are you going to tell people about this blog (which I am SO glad you decided to start?) I love it already. It is VERY aesthetically pleasing as well — just gorgeous!

    It’s so cute how you write about old ladies having heart attacks. I’ll be on the edge of my seat waiting for more. And thanks for putting me on the blogroll! 🙂

  2. Tiffany McElweenie Said:

    you GOTTA tell the one about the cruise with your sister and the you know whats ya’ll found in the you know where! ha ha ha ha h aaaaaaa.
    I could almost burst into tears from laughing so hard just thinking about it!

    Yay! glad I found your secret brain file here!

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